The team at AV-Tec Ltd have been chosen to provide audio visual engineering solutions and support for a variety of different projects over the years.

Every project we have worked on requires a host of different skills, that have been honed through experience.

By working on so many amazing engineering projects, our skilled AV engineers have been challenged to tailor their knowledge to suit the situation at hand.  Scroll through some of the projects we have completed to discover more in-depth information into each.

With every project, we have been presented with a challenge to overcome, based on the size of building or individual requirements. Our team have used their keen expertise in this field to come up with bespoke and functional solutions for the client. In every situation, we have walked away confident that the audio-visual system will provide high-quality and reliable service for the individual’s needs.

Many of our top clients request disclosure agreements but please feel free to have a look at the projects that we have had permission to publish below.  Each one delves into further detail about the entire job, giving you information into the way in which we work best.

If you have any further questions regarding individual projects or the audio-visual engineering project you have in the pipeline, contact us online today.  We can provide advice, recommendations and professional tips on getting the most out of your existing or new audio-visual system so please get in touch to discuss the services that AV-Tec can provide your company or business.